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Watch out! What everyone thinks is Bitcoin is actually a fake! The deep darkness of BTC and one of the largest ongoing and unknown civil lawsuits in human history


(This article was originally written in Japanese in November 2021 and is available as an English article at DeepL automatic translation)



You’ve all heard of Bitcoin, right?

Most people are not familiar with the technical details, but they may have heard that it is called digital gold because of its scarcity due to a cap on the number of copies issued.


The story is that Bitcoin (BTC) is actually a fake.



A case of hijacking


To be precise, at some point many years ago, malicious individuals exploited a gap in Bitcoin’s development rules and hijacked the development camp, reforming and taking control of the originally competent Bitcoin.

This is a common story of takeover by the ruling class.


The original Bitcoin (BTC) kept its name, but was replaced by something completely different and incompetent in the name of development.

And the fake Bitcoin is now being manipulated by malicious people, the mass media, and the evil forces lurking behind the scenes to manipulate the public’s information.




The largest civil lawsuit in human history


And right now, the largest civil trial in human history related to this is currently underway in Florida. (as of November 2021)


The amount being contested here is over 7 trillion yen, the largest amount ever contested between individuals and an order of magnitude larger than the amount of litigation contested between the world’s largest corporations.

The case has already been in dispute for four years and is expected to be finally concluded at the end of this month.

Depending on the outcome of the trial, it could have a shocking impact not only on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, but also on the global economy, global history, and the state of human society.



But did you know that such an amazing trial is currently taking place?

You don’t know, do you?

The media hides it well, so that the public doesn’t know about it.


There is a tremendous level of information manipulation going on, and everyone is being deceived at a tremendous level.




Satoshi’s true identity


I wrote an 18,000 word long article on this topic in my notebook before, but unfortunately my notebook account has been frozen and I can’t read it. The following is a list of the

I have a draft left, so I can re-submit it again, but the information is no longer fresh, so this article will be written with the latest information, quoting the important parts.


First, let me introduce the person at the center of this topic.


It is an anonymous entity named Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin.

There have been investigations around the world over the identity of Satoshi, but no one knows who he is, and now the general consensus is that it doesn’t matter who Satoshi is, or rather, that all of humanity is Satoshi.

But in fact, this opinion that “we don’t know who Satoshi is” is the result of information manipulation.


Of course, because the information is heavily manipulated, it is not easy for anyone to find out who Satoshi really is.

However, true information cannot be hidden, and there are many people around the world who have realized its true nature.


Here I quote from my previous article on how I arrived at Satoshi’s true identity.

This article is based on the premise that this world is ruled by Satanists and is in the process of being overthrown by a force called Q. If you are not convinced by that premise, please read this article and be convinced before reading on.





(Quote from here)




As I speculate on the relationship between Bitcoin and the course of world affairs, I wonder how on earth the cabal (the global ruling class) will prevent the rise of Bitcoin? I was thinking about this when some rumors started to flow in.


The encryption method used was SHA256, a technology developed by the NSA, and the conspiracy theory community wondered if it was something the NSA had created to create a new world order.

Others have suggested that Bitcoin was invented by AI, and that it was created to encourage AI evolution through mining operations conducted around the world.

There were also rumors such as.


I was also informed that the company behind the development of Bitcoin, Block Stream, is funded by AXA, a Cabar-affiliated insurance company, and I thought, “I knew it.


I see, Bitcoin, which at first glance appears to be a way to escape from a controlled society, is in fact the basis for a new new world order!


Certainly, with something like the Lightning Network under development, there is no such thing as anonymity, and if you consider that we are moving to a completely digital surveillance society, it all makes sense.


I was convinced that this was Cabar’s signature double-edged approach.





As I looked deeper into various information, I came to know about the existence of Q.


However, I ignored him for almost a year, believing the label of “a shady, far-right conspiracy theorist.


One day, however, I suddenly wondered what in the world was really going on with this Q anon. I became curious and began to look deeper into the matter.

In the course of my research, I came across a lot of scandalous information, and while I was interested, I had to take a step back and continue my research.


After about a month of thorough research and denial, I reached a point where I had to accept that Q was real as far as logical thinking was concerned.




Q and the NSA


Since then, I have had to drastically change my view of the world and look at the world’s trends with Q at the center of the world’s movements.


Then one day, numerous questions arose.

What is Bitcoin, after all?
Developed by the NSA?
Q’s plan?
Cabar’s plan?


I asked Eri, who is the most knowledgeable person in Japan about Q, and she said, “I don’t know, I haven’t studied enough.” I don’t know.


I was astonished by this answer.

The fact that Eri-san doesn’t know much about Bitcoin is equivalent to the fact that Q doesn’t talk about Bitcoin at all.


Q = NSA, so if the NSA made bitcoin, Q would definitely talk about it.


The question is when was it created?

Was it created before Q took control of the NSA or after?


But if they don’t talk about it at all, could it be possible that it was created by a third party at all?


I had previously understood that bitcoin was created by the NSA and had not looked into it further, but I decided to start looking into it along the lines that it really was created by a third party.




Satoshi Nakamoto


The first person to be examined was Dr. Craig Wright, an Australian academic and entrepreneur.


He claimed to be Satoshi Nakamoto, the man who developed Bitcoin, but he was roundly beaten up as a liar by those around him and is now called Faktoshi, among others.


He is also a troublemaker in the cryptocurrency industry, a man who has been clawed back for causing all sorts of problems.

Rumors in the industry say that he is a tremendous egoist, a liar, and a greedy scammer.


Anyway, there are a series of bad rumors, so I thought, well, this line is not likely to happen, so I searched for another line.


There was a line about a Pakistani researcher living in the UK, Mr. Nakamoto living in Los Angeles, and so on, but after checking them out, there was no truth to them at all.

I had no choice but to look into Dr. Craig, who is rumored to be a liar.


He has developed a cryptocurrency called Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV), and apparently claims that BSV is the real Bitcoin that has realized Satoshi’s original vision.


On the other hand, others, such as Vitalik, who is developing the second largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization called Ethereum, have publicly stated that BSV is a complete fraud project.

Prominent figures in the cryptocurrency industry are all critical of Dr. Craig, and a search of any major cryptocurrency media outlet reveals only articles implicitly critical of Craig.


Nevertheless, persistent research has revealed that he is a rare genius with an extremely high IQ who is unable to handle human relationships.

He seems to have Asperger’s syndrome, autism, and other tendencies that make him a very difficult person to deal with.


Upon further investigation, I found that there are actually quite a few people who support the theory that Dr. Craig is really Satoshi, at a level that cannot be ignored.


Further investigation has revealed that Dr. Craig is being blatantly and unfairly accused by the cryptocurrency industry as well as the cryptocurrency media, more blatantly and unfairly than one might imagine.




Patterns of Information Manipulation


Upon further investigation, it became apparent that the manner in which Dr. Craig is being accused is exactly the same pattern as the manner in which President Trump is accused and the manner in which Colonel Gaddafi and President Saddam Hussein are accused.

By the way, for those who don’t know, the above mentioned dictators are politicians who fought against the rulers who run the world and worked to make the world a better place.


The way they unfairly criticize them is so consistent with the pattern of manipulating information, which is Kavar’s specialty, that I wonder if Dr. Craig is actually really Satoshi Nakamoto. I begin to suspect that this is not the case.


Upon further investigation, information came to light that the judge who had treated Dr. Craig unfairly in a previous trial in which he was involved was the same attorney who defended Epstein in the Epstein case.


This convinced me.

Dr. Craig is the real Satoshi!

Otherwise, he would not have been treated this way by Cabar.




Perfect cryptocurrency.


Upon further investigation, it turns out that the bitcoin developed by Dr. Craig was a perfectly functional cryptocurrency at the stage of his first paper, called the Bitcoin White Paper.

The problems that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have today do not exist.

But at the same time, the existence of a perfectly functioning cryptocurrency or any other cryptocurrency would change the Khabar’s interests and the society they tend to control.


Khabar forces, troubled by this, have infiltrated the Bitcoin development camp and conspired against them.

They have destroyed the original functionality of Bitcoin by modifying the program.


They also kicked out the original developer, Dr. Craig, from the development camp, making it impossible to undo what had been done.


(Citation ends here.)



After being forced out, Dr. Craig continued to make every possible effort to bring Bitcoin’s original functionality to the world, and succeeded in bringing the Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV) cryptocurrency to the world.


But of course, for the Khabar forces, their control would be weakened if such a perfectly functional Bitcoin were to be released to the world.

They will use their favorite media brainwashing to continue their strategy of undermining BSV as well as Dr. Craig.

The strategy of the Cabar forces to keep undermining Dr. Craig comes down to the tactic of enhancing his notoriety through various lawsuits.


One of these lawsuits is the “Klayman vs. Wright lawsuit,” which has been ongoing for four years.

This lawsuit is the largest lawsuit in the history of mankind, which is the title of this article.




Lawsuit Overview


Here’s how the lawsuit went down.

There is a man named Dave Klayman who assisted Dr. Craig in the early days of Bitcoin.


After Dave’s death in 2014, Ira, Dave’s brother, came out of the woodwork.



Here is what Mr. Ira claims.


Mr. Dave and Dr. Craig developed Bitcoin together and collaborated on mining operations (issuing Bitcoins), so half of the Bitcoins they mined should belong to Mr. Dave.

Now that Dave is dead, his share of the bitcoins should belong to his surviving brother, himself (Ira).

But that share of Mr. Dave’s money was fraudulently stolen by Dr. Craig.

I will provide proof of Dr. Craig’s fraud, and I want Dr. Craig punished and the bitcoins returned to me.



This is according to Dr. Craig’s claim.


Mr. Dave is a good friend of mine and has helped me in many ways, even though I am not a good communicator.

Mr. Dave helped me write my thesis on Bitcoin, but he did not help me create Bitcoin itself.

Mr. Dave does not have the skills to write program code.


In short, from Mr. Ira’s side, Dr. Craig is the thief who stole his brother’s bitcoin, and from Dr. Craig’s side, Mr. Ira is the thief who is trying to steal his bitcoin.




Interesting points


What is interesting about this trial is that both sides agree that Dr. Craig is Satoshi Nakamoto.


The trial has already been going on for four years, and a huge amount of money has been spent on the trial costs.

And the issue in this trial is who is the owner of more than 7 trillion yen? This is the question.


In retrospect, was Bitcoin created by Dr. Craig? Or did Dr. Craig and Mr. Dave co-create it? The question is: “What is the best way to get the money?

Yes, in the largest civil lawsuit in the history of mankind, involving huge sums of money and already costing a great deal of money, all participants are involved in the trial under the assumption that Dr. Craig is Satoshi Nakamoto.




Cognitive Dissonance


Here is a huge gap in public perception.


Among those somewhat familiar with cryptocurrencies and those in the cryptocurrency industry, Dr. Craig comes across as a fraud, and the cryptocurrency media is all over the place reporting him as a shady character.

None of the major media outlets even attempt to get close to the truth about Dr. Craig.


With just a little research, it is an obvious fact that everyone knows that the trial is based on the assumption that Dr. Craig is Satoshi, and that perception is very different from the general public perception.

But none of the media is touching that part of the case and treating it like it’s no big deal.




Implications for the World


Contrary to the media’s tone, however, this lawsuit could have a tremendous impact on the world.


This is because it is very likely that the courts will accept the premise that Dr. Craig is Satoshi Nakamoto, regardless of the outcome of the lawsuit.

Most observers believe that as the case proceeds, we will be forced to present evidence that Dr. Craig is Satoshi.


So what are the ramifications if the court finds that Dr. Craig is Satoshi Nakamoto?


This is only a possibility, but we can expect a disruption in the cryptocurrency industry that will turn heaven and earth upside down.

People will find out that the person they have been calling a fraud is actually the inventor of the real bitcoin, and that the hijacked bitcoin (BTC), which is trusted and called digital gold, is actually a fake.


The major media probably won’t report on the trial, so it may not have a big impact right away.


But it is impossible to keep a lid on the truth, and the results through the courts will be credibly known to the public.

And the real bitcoin may spread to the public with shocking news.


But at the same time, the major media will silence the topic.

This is where the “lying media vs. individuals who know the truth by doing their own research” scheme is created.




Diagram of awareness


Now, those of you who have been following my past articles may notice something.

Do you recognize this scheme?


Yes, it looks exactly like the rigged election scheme that President Trump complains about.


President Trump is also being treated as an egoistic fraud by the major media.


His enemies continue to use the media to manipulate public opinion and deceive people.

On the other hand, those who examine the information are surprised at the gap between the reports and the truth, and begin to wake up to the truth.


Perhaps this scheme is a milestone in the Great Awakening.




The Connection between Q and Satoshi


From this point on, it is a not very well-founded delusion, but I believe that the Q forces know the true identity of Satoshi Nakamoto.

With the NSA’s intelligence-gathering capabilities, it is only natural.


And if Looking Glass Technology is real, they may have known about this trial a long time ago.

And if they knew about it, it is not surprising that this world-shaking trial is part of Q’s plan.


At least the enemy is the same thing.

The major media and the ruling class are the essence of the enemy.


Perhaps the Q forces are connected to Dr. Craig.




Interesting information


Actually, there is some interesting information related to that.

Dr. Craig has a history of being very concerned about Bitcoin being used for criminal transactions on the dark web and disappeared from the public eye out of concern.


A few years later, he was asked by the U.S. military to help analyze bitcoin used on the dark web and help uncover human trafficking and trafficking in illicit goods.

In doing so, he was attacked and wounded by thugs.





It would not be surprising if some kind of relationship was established when he assisted in this operation.


The U.S. military, which is responsible for exposing human traffickers, would be connected to Q and the NSA, and they would know who Satoshinakamoto is.

It is no wonder that the Q camp is aware of Bitcoin’s potential to transform the world, since it is already at a time when Q’s plans are underway.




The True Potential of Bitcoin


When I wrote here that bitcoin has the potential to transform the world, I was not talking about the fake bitcoin (BTC) that you know, but about the real bitcoin (BSV).


Fake bitcoins are called digital gold, etc., and are thought to be capable of destroying the dominance of central bank bills because they have a defined issuance limit.

It’s not exactly that simple, but still, Bitcoin (BTC) with a defined issuance limit has a certain amount of potential to transform the world.


But the potential of real Bitcoin (BSV) is not on that level; it has the power to fundamentally change the way society exists.


The essence of the awesomeness of the real Bitcoin (BSV) is that it is an infinitely scalable blockchain.

This is a technical topic, and I know it will be difficult for my followers to understand, so I will explain it as simply as I can.


Simply put, the real Bitcoin (BSV) can become an internet computer that connects the world and encompasses all the data that exists in the world.


What I mean by that is that it can incorporate all banking, all stock trading, many corporate and government operations, all money management, tax processing, and any other operation that requires trust.

It has the potential to encompass all government agencies and all social functions.


More broadly, it has the power to replace all the Internet, with hundreds of times the potential of the Internet.

And yet it has the potential to make it sound as if it is too good to be true, as if it is too good to be true, as if power is not concentrated in a single point, but decentralized and empowered to the citizens.




The World After the Global Revolution


No one knows what the world will be like after the global revolution, and everyone will have their own opinion, but to me, the potential of real Bitcoin (BSV) seems to accompany the Q revolution.


It is such a dreamy future, but the real bitcoin (BSV) is already complete, running smoothly, and indestructible by anyone.

But it is far from spreading to the world due to the unjustified accusations by the ruling forces.


But depending on the outcome of the ongoing court case, this suppressed technology could be made known to the world at once.


I have known this information for about two years and have been waiting for this day to come.


I am told that the results of this trial will be announced tomorrow (November 29, 2021). The company is currently in the process of

However, this trial has been postponed and postponed again and again, so I honestly believe that it will be a while before we get to the trial.


In reality, nothing may change even after the outcome of this trial, and it may all be my imagination.

But in terms of possibilities, something tremendously big is coming right before our eyes.









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